The best little rest stop east of the Ochocos!

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Mitchell Stage Stop

(Formerly the Little Pine Cafe)

Mitchell, Oregon

Est. 1873

Gift Shop     Souvenirs     Antiques

 Root Beer Floats    Picnic supplies

Pizza   Cold Beer   Bottled Wine   Deli

100 East Main Street

Mitchell, Oregon



OPEN Tuesday through Saturday

10am until 4pm

Take a look at our menu



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Mitchell Stage Stop

The Mitchell of today continues to cater mostly to travelers in much the same way as it did when it began as a stage stop in 1862.

In 1861, when Gold was discovered on Canyon Creek in Grant County - the county next door to us on the east side - miners began to blaze trails towards Canyon Creek.

On May 20, 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Federal Homestead Act which opened government-owned land to “homesteaders” by giving “any person” who was the head of a family 160 acres to farm for five years. If they were successful at farming the land, at the end of five years they simply paid an $18.00 filing fee and received deed to the land.

Miners and settlers alike ensued along the trails and in no time, mule teams, wagon trains, horse and foot traffic beat out a pretty fair wagon road that connected the Dalles to Canyon City. Stage stops were established about every 15 to 20 miles along the way for weary travelers to rest and gather supplies.

Because of Indian attacks along the Dalles to Canyon City wagon road, the U.S. Government established base camps along the way and partially improved the trail to allow for the movement of soldiers. This route, referred to as The Dalles-Canyon City Military Road, became officially known as the Dalles-Boise Military Road in 1869, after further improvement.

The city of Mitchell was founded in 1873 when a blacksmith named William Warren “Brawdie” Johnson requested that the government establish a post office and asked that this settlement on Bridge Creek, with a population of about 50 at that time, be named after a friend of his, Senator (Oregon) John Hipple Mitchell.

Today, travelers still stop in Mitchell to rest and gather supplies. Our population is holding at about 150 now.


When you're planning your next road trip, consider exploring the high desert of Oregon on the east side of the Cascades...

and don't forget to take a rest at the  Mitchell Stage Stop!

Nearby Attractions

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Painted Hills Unit - Located 9 miles northwest of Mitchell

Sheep Rock Unit – Located about 36 miles east of Mitchell

Clarno Unit - Located about 62 miles northwest of Mitchell



There is NO CELL PHONE service in our area.

Mitchell, Oregon is home to the annual Tiger Town Music Festival every June.

The annual Tiger Town Vintage Trailer Rally takes place here every July.

Mitchell is also home to the annual Painted Hills Festival celebrated every Labor Day Weekend.



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